Pumpking Farm

Pumpking Farm

Each flavored pack is priced at $2.25 with the natural variety retailing at $1.99 and consists of 1% fat creamy, natural, live yoghurt with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. This light range is now available in store at a majority of Pumpking Farm stockists.

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Pumpking Farm is proud to announce the release of Live Yoghurts new lineu: low fat, live yoghurts series which are lighter and sweeter than our previous products, at just 1% fat.

The range is available in four delicious flavorings – Strawberry, Blueberry, Rhubarb and Natura.
Additionally the new 450g pots are the perfect way to enjoy farm made fresh goods with much less fat.

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Speaking about the Launch Lynn Pumpking said “We are really eager about Pumpking Farm Light, customers were asking for a low fat option for a long time and we are intrigued to be able to release a products range that still retains our authentic farmhouse taste with lower containment of fat and also less sugar.“


  1. The product you delivered me has surpassed all my expectations. The item is one of the best, all-purpose items ever crafted. I love everything about my purchase. I have had a lot of such kind of items in my life, so it’s easy for me to compare and write this positive feedback. Reliable, secure, quirky, easy to clean in and out.

  2. Thanks to the store manager and the whole crew for enabling my service in a quick and professional manner. Forget the rest of the Internet stores; this one cannot be beaten.

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